sanitary napkin companies notebook making machine:Huawei MateBook 16 review

2022-04-27 13:47:46

sanitary napkin companies notebook making machine:Huawei MateBook 16 review

  According to the style gurus at Huawei, “The MateBook 16 notebook comes in an understated ‘space grey’ colour, which is finished with an advanced ceramic sandblasting process that gives it a textured surface.” Presumably, there is no such thing as over-stated ‘space grey’ – it’s basically professional-looking… you get the picture.

  Although we naturally used a mouse with this device, there’s a ‘glass feel’ touchpad that offers tap to click functions. It does not support touchscreen functions, but then it is arguably positioned more for enterprise (or at least professional) use than the kinds of apps with more finger-based interaction.

  The display supports up to a 2.5K resolution with a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio. Huawei says that the 3:2 productivity aspect ratio is also more in line with typical productivity use cases, allowing users to more efficiently utilise the display area for work.

  “User comfort is also ensured as the display has low blue light emissions and no flicker, making late-nights less taxing on the eyes,” notes the Huawei team.

  Users can also switch between ‘performance mode’, which pushes the processor TDP to 54W for full power, or ‘balance mode’ for relatively better battery efficiency. The 84Wh battery is supposed to offer ‘all-day’ battery life… and we have been getting 8-hours plus while on the road.

  Wrapping up here then and we also find a ‘fingerprint power button’, a two-in-one fingerprint scanner and power button that authenticates user identity and powers on the notebook at the same time.

  On other Huawei devices we have tried this works initially and then loses the fingerprint knowledge after multiple sign-ins for some reason – let’s point out that this could be a Microsoft issue with Windows Hello Fingerprint function in Settings, so it’s worth resetting now and again. This video here shows how to reset this function.

  Finally, the dual-antenna Wi-Fi 6 works great for the high speed stable Internet connection we mentioned at the start and the full-sized backlit keyboard that delivers a satisfying typing experience with an ergonomic design.

sanitary napkin companies notebook making machine:Huawei MateBook 16 review

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